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How to select the right type of boot

Click for enlargeWhen you look for a new pair of boots you need to consider what you want to do with them. Pay attention to your personal requirements when it comes to weight,Click for enlarge flex & Torsion, waterproofness and also price.
An overrated boot is a such bad choice as an underrated one. The best boots are those that most closely match the shape of your feet and have the support and flex to match the terrain you cross.

Feet typesFeet vary so enormously that the only way to check if a pair of boots fit is to try them on. There are many different sizing systems, the conversion table will help you to find your way trough this labyrinth. Sizing systems vary also from boot category to category.
Mountaineering boots are different from backpacking boots which, in turn, are different from hiking boots.
Size also varies according to the type of last used. Mountain boots have larger and higher lasts than hill or valley boot and ladies boots are built on a last having a higher instep and narrower heel and ankle.

Our collection of Technical footwear is ordered by different categories: in every category you find different styles, despite that some boots may look similar there are significant differences in performance.
Some may have a technical Flex & Torsion, others may be insulated or feature special soles for winter use.
Therefore it is important to consider the technical specifications indicated beside every model in our catalogue section.
More detailed information is available on the Technical Information pages.

We recommend to follow our Buyers Guide before going to the store, it may help you to understand what you are looking for before you leave to climb Mountain Everest in a pair of sandals!

Two simple questions bring you to consider different issues that will lead you to the right choice:

Intended use?
Proper fitting?

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