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A guide to the catalogue categories


When you get close to the sky, your boots touch rock, stones and ice.
Boots in this category have reinforced full-grain uppers, excellent traction, virtually no seams, depending on the destination insulated or waterproof and breathable liners. High above ankle shafts and tough materials provide increased leverage for difficult edging. With full-length shanks or nylon mid-soles and crampon compatible Vibram soles; mountaineering boots easily kick steps into hard snow, but are usually too rigid for comfortable hiking. A breaking-in period is necessary with these rigid boots.
Mountaineering boots are well suited to winter hikes and glacier travels.


When the exploring spirit bring you trough brush and forest and over talus, scree and snow, ankle support and protection become the key features to look for. Backpacking boots offer superior waterproofing and durability, thanks to their minimal seams and thicker stiffer construction. Beck backpacking boots provide lateral protection under heavy packs, offer excellent control but may be overrated for trail walking. Innovative sole construction makes these boots surprisingly lightweight.

Steep slopes and slippery terrain you need a boot with higher shaft cut and padded ankle cuff, semi-rigid soles, with higher torsional stiffness but with a longitudinal forefoot flex for comfortable walks. Uppers are made out of Cordura-Suede, full-grain or nubuk leathers.
Most styles have Sympatex liners for wet weather and Vibram soles for excellent traction.

Day Hiking

These ankle high boots are designed for long walks on maintained trails. Uppers are build out of Cordura fabric and suede leather or full-grain and nubuk leathers with a less higher thickness. The reduced flex and torsion allows a natural walking movement.


These below ankle high shoes combine lightweight trail hiking with outstanding performance for scrambling. Soles have excellent grip and feature anti-abrasion toe rands. Breathable linings ensure increased comfort. These shoes have stiffer soles, more stability, and better traction than running or walking footwear.


Special leathers and linings for this selected range of outdoor boots, engineered for outdoor enthusiast, we make them comfortable and durable, you can use them as you like.


A selection of the best boots out of every category and specific high styles, adapted in order to full fill the specifications of the military forces and not only. Rescue teams, Mountain fire departments, Civil defence forces and security guards, have also selected these boots. Also Soft-Air players will find their choice. These boots all feature leather uppers, Sypmatex membrane and Vibram soles.

Highcut uppers, fix or removable thermal insulated liners. Rubber body sole units and a perfect construction, offer great comfort in almost arctic weather conditions.

Travel & relax

These low-cut shoes have been designed to offer comfort and durability. They are intended as travel and walking shoes but they will take a serious hill walk on maintained trail with no hesitation.



Sandals are comfortable for summer hiking and every day use, they kepp your feet and mind cool. The extremely comfortable footbed cushioning offers the sensation of barefoot walking comfort, adjustable straps allow a personalized fit, no pressure points thanks the neoprene padding. A sticky rubber sole offers performing grip on wet surfaces.

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