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:Shoe care & warranty · How to clean and condition your boots

These simple instructions will result in proper shoe care.

When you finish your walk you should rinse the worst mud off your boots in a puddle or stream. Never leave your boots wet in a plastic bag. When you start cleaning your boots remove the insole and leave to dry and also the laces.
Leather mountain boots
can be washed with a little water after brushing them well, with a soft brush, to remove mud or dirt. After drying them out, away from all heat sources including the sun, slightly wax with a proprietory brand of wax available from your specialist outdoor retailer.
Leather grain
will regain its' softness and waxing will also guarantee its' good water repellency which can be further enhanced by applying a waterproof spray subsequent to waxing.
For Nubuck leather use special waterproofing products which will affect the appearance less.
The laces must be examined regularly and must be changed when frayed. Your specialist outdoor retailer sells BECK® replacement insoles and laces as well as wax and waterproofing products.

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Remove the insole and the laces and leave to dry. Remove surface mud or dirt by brushing the boots well, with a soft brush.
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If the boots have firmly attached mud then wash them with cold water.
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Leave the boots to dry naturally, not in front of an artificial heat source or direct sunlight as this can damage the leather, the padding material and the linings. You can aid drying by opening the bellows tongue and stuffing the boots with newspaper.
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Once dry treat with a care product. Ensure that it is the correct product for the material for your uppers and follow the instructions carefully.

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