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The midsole is the part that gives the boot its' stiffness. Traditional layers of leather stiffened with steel shanks or more modern methods using injection moulded nylon boards give boots greater or lesser stiffness. A stiff boot is not always needed and can be difficult to wear if you are not used to it. The degrees of flex and torsion are essential attributes of boots and the correct amount of stiffness must be chosen for your required usage.
Part of the purpose of the midsole is in shock absorbing using micro and polyurethane materials.


A midsole with a layer of traditionally tanned leather stiffened by a second layer of nylon incorporating a steel shank offers control of the torsional stability and longitudinal flex of the sole unit. A further layer of insulating fabric offers a thermal barrier against cold. On the midsoles intended for Goodyear construction a rand around the outside edge makes it possible to stitch the upper andmidsole together, the torsional stability and longitudinal flex is controlled by a carbon shank.


The modern manufacturing method uses a midsole made entirely in Nylon reinforced by injecting steel shanks which, depending upon their length offer differential grades of torsional stability and flex control. The nylon maintains its integrity at very low temperatures.

Graphite composites

Composite sheet materials provide lightweight structural support of the foot arch but can also be used as a highly engineered stiffener or shank. The most complex shape can be made out of Graphite composites with thermoplastic tecnology. They reduce the weight of a typical mountain shoe by 10% Because graphite composites are resilient, they absorb impact, spring back to the original shape, and maintain performance for the life of the shoe.

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