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All BECK® boots use different sole units that are selected on the basis of performance, weight and suitability for their intended use.
Technical boots have a different pattern, thickness and density from walking boots. Our sole units are made by Vibram®, Rubbermac or Eurosuole. When looking at soles pay attention not only to the pattern design but also to the softness of the compound.
The softer a rubber compound the better the grip on hard terrain, however for walking down steep slopes of wet grass or mud a hard sole will give a better grip. Softer compound soles will wear more quickly but a harder sole will be heavier and so although they will last longer you will have to cope with the extra weight.
Also pay attention to the torsional stability and flex of the sole unit.

walking moments

The decision of which sole a certain style should feature is made depending upon the requirements we have of the particular boot. During development tests are carried out to ascertain that the specification meets the end users needs. Because of this we sometimes offer the same boot with a different choice of sole units.
A style of boot with different sole combinations can be suitable for a mountaineer who needs to use crampons or for a high mountain walker who is just experiencing rugged terrain.
The collection of mountain soles all have special differentiated dual density. The upper layer is soft, flexible and absorbing and the bottom layer is anti slip and durable.

Vibram® stands not only for tradition but also for quality and innovation. Each sole has been designed to offer maximum durability to even the most demanding user. With over 60 years experience Vibram® produce 50 mixtures and 400 models and each one undergoes rugged tests and stringent controls which make Vibram® one of the best soles for footwear.
To learn more about it visit
www.vibram.com or www.vibram.us.

GRIP DESIGN - Special features to increase the grip of the sole in
ascending and descending.

BRAKE AREA - A specific brake area that has the function of regaining grip after traction has been lost on down slopes.

ACCELERATION AREA - These features ensure improved traction at the moment of acceleration.

ANTI-SHOCK - A part of the sole is the sole wedge, made of shock absorbing material.

PROTECTION - A rubber rand is used to protect the joint between the sole unit and the upper from scuffing.

SELF CLEANING LUG WALS - Self cleaning lug walls help to avoid carrying extra weight and causing slippage due to mud.

Vibram® Clusaz
Vibram® Eiger
Vibram® Kamen
Vibram® Werewolf
Vibram® Literun
Vibram® Trailrun
Vibram® Bifida monodensity
Vibram® Bifida dualdensity
Vibram® Fourà
Vibram® Rothorn

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