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The padding of the section between the upper and the lining gives the final degree of comfort. This padding must be soft and guarantee a level of support. EVA, a closed cell foam structure combines these characteristics and ensures transpiration to the outside.
The ankle cuff should protect against knocks. A high cuff can be uncomfortable if the customer is not used to it and is not necessary for low level walking. Womens boots should tend to be cut away at the heel as womens calf muscles usually start closer to the ankle than mens. Mountain boots should give a rigid support obtained by padding the ankle cuff with EVA and anatomical shaping.

Latex Foam

Permeable to the air, soft, shape retaining, fitting the foot perfecfly. Ankle pads protect the foot in the area against impact and bruises. The region of the arch of the foot in the area against pressure and impact as well as firmly tied laces by tongue pads worked into the tongue.


Is a closed cell polymer of high quality. This padding material is very dense which means that it maintains its original absorbing capability for years whilst having a very low specific weight and lasts longer than traditional foam.
E.V.A. does not appear, at first glance, to be as thick as normal foam but the long lasting nature of this material gives the best possible results with low bulk. EVA also acts as an insulator.

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