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:What is a BECK?

Click for enlargeIn Friuli, the most Northern East region of Italy "BECK" means "Capra Ibex", the Latin name for the Mountain Goat. This mammal symbol for the protection of nature in Europe is also the emblem for the National Park of the "Gran Paradiso" and "de la Vanoise". This animal represents for us the most perfect personification of our philosophy: pure, wild, strong, perfect, adaptable, and versatile.

Click for enlargeAround 1700 the Capra Ibex disappeared from the Alps completely and was reintroduces successfully mid 1900. This mammal is present in Europe, Asia, Africa and Arabia. It lives in high mountain on the cliffs.

The foot is extremely versatile and offers one of the most successful examples of adaptation to extreme habitats, the front part is hard and forms an envelope that protects the more elastic inner foot which has a surprisingly grip and shock absorbing capacity; that enables the "Capra Ibex" to jump from a rock to another ant to find always the right approach.

The "Capra Ibex" is vegetarian and can eat up to 20 kg. during a day, as ruminant it is able to eat also very unusual vegetables such as lichens, herbs, radishes and mosses impossible to eat for other animals.

Click for enlargeThe horns are the most distinctive element of the "Capra Ibex" and gives it an image of majestic power. The females have a horn length of 25 cm, the males horns instead reach a length of 80 cm at their maximum splendour.
Once the natural predators of the Capra Ibex where the wolf, the bear and in Africa the lynx, today the Royal Eagle remain its only predator which eats the most fragile examples. As a protected specie the major danger is not mankind either but the rigid winter, which endangered the food reserve during winter.

Class Mammal
Order Artiodactyles
Family Bovine
Scientific Name Capra Ibex
Length 130 - 160 cm male
100 - 130 cm female
Weight 70 - 100 Kg male
40 - 70 Kg female
Height at withers 70 - 100 cm
Coat Grey - Brown shading off red in summer, dark brown in winter
Live expectation 15 - 20 years
Habitat Above the tree border up to 3.000 meters

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